The UnLAB is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation engaged in collaborative research on a variety of topics. Our professionals team with university researchers, national labs, government agencies and partners in industry with the goal of advancing fundamental human understanding in science, engineering and advanced materials.  Read our Mission Statement.

As of December, 2020, we relocated from Washington DC to  Savannah, Georgia. Our founder and CTO, Charles Chase, can be contacted at Charles has a wide range of interests and expertise and currently leads the Advanced Propulsion Team for the UnLAB.
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Charles Chase resume
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The UnLAB is also the parent organization of the open-source, non-profit Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Project, run by UnLAB co-founder Kate McKinnon. Reach the project at

Recent UnLAB activities include fielding two sessions at the MIT’s January 2019 IAP term; one run by Charles Chase on Advanced Propulsion and another by Kate McKinnon on mathematical beadwork.  Advanced Propulsion and Energy sessions were also hosted in 2020 at MIT and 2021 online. The 2020 agenda and questions are here.  Videos of the 2021 talks and discussions are here.

The 2022 Advanced Propulsion & Energy sessions were held virtually again this year, due to the pandemic, and links to the agenda and talk videos can be found here.