Advanced Propulsion and Energy 2022

Advanced Propulsion and Energy 2022

January 18 through January 22, 2022

10:00 to ~5:00 Eastern Time

Zoom open starting at 9:30 (links below)

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We need to take strong action now.  The planet is on a rapid course to be less habitable for us and the current biome. We believe there are ideas, technologies and new science that can change the course. Our premise is that there are unexplored, undiscovered, and probably unexpected ways of generating forces and energy. This is based on the fact that there are many fundamental questions yet to be solved in physics, observational data we do not understand, and phenomena we observe and experience that we cannot explain.  Given the right conditions, the concerted efforts of a few can change everything.

We are completely virtual again this year. Perhaps in 2023 we can meet back in Boston and at MIT. We like to think of an environment like an old-fashioned salon where people come and go as they can, and the discussions are real and varied with freedom to speculate and be an explorer.  Discussing disparate fields can bring about breakthroughs in understanding, and most importantly refine our questions.  We wish to further the work by forming collaborations needed to answer these key questions.

Tuesday                1/18/2022         Time for action, the power of coherence

Wednesday          1/19/2022         Fundamental nature of light

Thursday                1/20/2022         “Vacuum” fluctuation forces and energy

Friday                     1/21/2022         Gravitational forces and transduction

Saturday                1/22/2022         Advanced Energy Concepts Challenging the 2nd Law

The Saturday session is a Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) Symposium, hosted by Professor Garret Moddel (UC Boulder) and Professor Dan Sheehan (UC San Diego). In conjunction with the SSE, papers based on all the talks given during the week will be considered for a special issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration.

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