Advanced Propulsion and Energy IV, 2022

January 18 through January 22, 2022, 10:00 to ~5:00 EST

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We need to take strong action now. 

The planet is on a rapid course to be less habitable for us and the current biome, but we know that there are ideas, technologies and new discoveries waiting that can change the course. It is imperative that we discover new (and sustainable) ways of generating forces and energy, and equally important that our discoveries are able to be put immediately to use. Right now we have as many problems to solve within as we do in the world without, as it is very difficult for governments, agencies or even for individuals to pivot to new mindsets and technologies in real time.

Due to the pandemic, we are meeting virtually again this year, but we hope that in 2023 we can meet in person again at MIT. Bringing innovators together from many fields can bring about major breakthroughs in understanding. As we share and refine our questions, insights bloom, ideas join teams and grow.

Accomplishing the work has become more difficult during this time, and it’s more important than ever that we join hands, pool our resources, and seek new ways to make and deliver breakthroughs. To this end, we are asking for the creation of a new model of National Service Program, one in which senior professionals can dedicate five years of their lives and work to discovery in service of advancing critically important fundamental understandings, and in return receive secure, stable funding for the term of their service. This alone would be a massive disruptive force for positive change.

Tuesday                1/18/2022         Time for action, the power of coherence
Wednesday          1/19/2022         Fundamental nature of light
Thursday                1/20/2022     “Vacuum” fluctuation forces and energy
Friday                     1/21/2022         Gravitational forces and transduction
Saturday                1/22/2022        Advanced Energy Concepts Challenging the 2nd Law

The Saturday session is a Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) Symposium, hosted by Professor Garret Moddel (UC Boulder) and Professor Dan Sheehan (University of San Diego). In conjunction with the SSE, papers based on all the talks given during the week will be considered for a special issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration.

DAY ONE, January 18
Introduction, Charles Chase, Kate McKinnon, The UnLAB, Introduction, QI/Data, National Service Program
Dr. David Lewis, DARPA, Disruptive Technology Development, National Service Program
Professor Victoria Vesna, UCLA, Octopus Brain Coherence / Atmosphere of Sound
Introduction to Jim Gimzewski’s talk by Charles Chase
Professor James Gimzewski, UCLA, Emergent Emergency
Professor Markus Buehler, MIT Protein Sound (not recorded, unpublished work)
(See the four recorded talks on our Day 1 Playlist)

DAY TWO, January 19
Nick Rivera, MIT grad student, Fock Laser
Professor Mike Fiddy, UNC Charlotte, Wave Interactions with Hard & Soft Resonant Structures
Professor Shanhui Fan, Stanford, Non-Reciprocal Thermal Radiation & Energy Harvesting
Dr. Igor Smolyaninov, UMD, Effective Mass of a Photon & Cosmic-Scale Accelerations in a Lab
Dr. Steven Wolfram, Wolfram Research, A Surprisingly Promising New Approach to Fundamental Physics
(See all five videos on our Day 2 Playlist)

DAY THREE, January 20
Charles Chase, The UnLAB, Fluctuation Forces
Professor Yuval Dagan, Technion, Classical Interpretation of de Broglie Matter Waves
Dr. Yoichiro Tsurimaki, Stanford Post-Doc, Fluctuation Dissipation Based Energy & Forces
Professor Lawrence Ford, Tufts, Quantum Field Fluctuations: Probability Distributions
Professor John Bush, MIT, Hydrodynamic Quantum Field Theory
Dr. Harold “Sonny” White, Limitless Space Institute, Dynamic Vacuum Model
(See all five videos on our Day 3 Playlist )

DAY FOUR, January 21
Charles Chase, The UnLAB, Introduction / Doing Work and Taking Risks
George Hathaway, Hathaway Research Institute, Experimental Gravity and the Search for Anomalous Forces
Professor Martin Tajmar, Technische Universität Dresden, Testing and Development of Revolutionary Propulsion Concepts
Dr. Lance Williams, Konfluence Institute, the Nature of Kaluza Scalar Charge
Dr. Nader (Nate) Inan, Fresno State, Superconductor Meissner Effects for Gravito-EM Fields
Professor Raymond Chiao, UC Merced, Transduction of EM and GR Waves via SC-Charged Rings, & a Hertz-like Experiment (plus a vibrant discussion afterward)
Bonus bit of Professor James Woodward + discussion
(See five videos on our Day 4 Playlistunfortunately Martin Tajmar ‘s talk was not recorded due to the rules of his university.)

DAY FIVE, January 22: Special SSE Session
Charles Chase, The UnLAB & Professor Garret Moddel, UC Boulder, Introductions
Professor Daniel Sheehan, University of San Diego, “Beyond the Thermodynamic Limit: A Template for Second Law Challenges”
Professor Paul Thibado, University of Arkansas, “Charging Capacitors using Graphene Fluctuations”
Germano D’Abramo, Ministero dell’Istruzione, “Theoretical Analysis of Thermionic Emission as a way to Harvest Heat Energy at a Uniform Temperature”
Professor James Weifu Lee, Old Dominion University, “Energy Renewal: Isothermal Utilization of Environmental Heat Energy with Asymmetric Functions”
George Hathaway, Hathaway Research Institute, “Fundamental Issues in Energy Harvesting”
Professor Garret Moddel, UC Boulder, “Extracting zero-point energy: does it violate the second law?
Panel Discussion and Meeting End

Day 5 Playlist

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