Advanced Propulsion and Energy III

Our third annual Advanced Propulsion and Energy collaboration meeting was held online January 26 – 28, 2021. We are searching for a discovery in propulsion and energy, but the talks and discussions cover a wide range of topics. We try to make the meetings very exploratory and somewhat speculative to get to the edge of people’s ideas and make further progress through discovery and new collaborations.

Even when meeting online, the environment we desire to create is like an old-fashioned salon where people come and go and stay as they have time, and the discussions are real and varied. Previous years we were a MIT Independent Activity Period (IAP) session (2019 and 2020), but this year we were unofficial. We cherish all the connections and forward momentum that come from these meetings.  Thank you to all who participated and we are always very interested in any further thoughts.

Link to Abstracts

Talk Videos

Charles Chase                      Energy of Thought      

Dr. Mike Fiddy                    Nascent Fields and Forces

Dr. Nathan Inan                  Generating and detecting gravitational waves via superconductors          

Dr. Mike McCulloch           Quantized Inertia   

Dr. Lance Williams             Day 1 Moderated Open Discussion  

Dr. Jim Gimzewski             Power of Intention    

Dr. Sonny White                 New Findings in the Quest to go fast    

Dr. Ido Kaminer                 Controlling physics phenomena by shaping quantum wavefunctions  

Dr. Lance Williams            Inertia in GR: mining momentum from the gravitational field of the universe   

Evan McKinnon                Day 2 Moderated Discussion – Questioning AI (QI) Focused    

Dr. Garret Moddel             Casimir Photoinjector  

Nick Cook                         Anomalous Phenomena & Reality Shifts: The Need for Experimentation  

Micah Karahadian             Information and Time  

Richard Banduric              Convection Current Reference Frame Forces