Donations for Research and Education Stipends

The UnLAB Science Teams and the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Research Team were founded with a common goal: to help good ideas move forward and bright people succeed.

Furthering ideas always means taking care of the people who have them; continuing their education, keeping a roof over their heads, providing supplies or collaborations, and sometimes helping with expertise, equipment or materials when needed.

On all teams, we prioritize our stipends, grants and collaborations toward curious, questioning individuals who love ideas and have a tradition of sharing knowledge and innovative progress freely in collaboration.

We also sponsor collaborative meetings and gatherings and provide travel and lodging support to invitees who need it. In most years, the month of January will find all of our teams at MIT in Boston for the IAP (Independent Activities Term) where we fill a few classrooms and do open collaboration all month long. In 2020, unfortunately, we are all staying home due to the COVID pandemic.

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A Henry Segerman spherical photo atop MIT 54 during a 2016 summer gathering.
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